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How to Avoid Repeating Your Parents' Career Mistakes

Stuck in an unsatisfying career? Face those skellies in the cupboard and regain control over your career – you might just be living out your parents’ career mistakes.

By: Alythea Ho

People often feel mortified when they realize they’ve started behaving like their parents. You know, stuff like nicking extra napkins from restaurants and the rest of those awful habits you swore never to do when you reached their age. It’s annoying but quite understandable -- our parents are our first teachers. We adopt many of their thinking patterns subconsciously, whether we want to or not.

So if you’re stuck in an unsatisfying job, have a think first over a potential source of your career values -- your parents. Did your father make a mess of his career and placed all his hopes of success on you? Or maybe your mother insisted you should always stay safe by avoiding challenging (but more rewarding) jobs? (Read More Here!)