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When It Is OK to Move Sideways Instead of Up

By Deanna Bonaparte

When it comes to your career path, upward isn’t the only direction to travel. A sideways or ‘lateral’ move – defined as a move either within your current company or to a new organisation with similar remuneration, responsibilities and a similar title – can often pay off in the future. For a business to compete effectively in today’s diverse and highly competitive markets, the demand for employees who have had experience in various aspects of the industry and have handled diversified portfolios is probably even higher than the demand for purely functional employees who have been given promotions because of their steadfast performance. (Read More Here!)

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Q&A: Is It Worthwhile to Pursue a Degree While Working?


Although I’ve never been to university, I’ve amassed a few good years of working experience. But I now stand at a crossroads in my career: Either stay in the workforce, or take time off to pursue an undergraduate degree. Is it worth the time and money to do so?

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