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In our modern world of Human Resource Management, the choice of job fits impact not just commercial organizations but people like you and I who have the unenviable job of choosing a care-giver to our parents and children.

Methods such as DISC Assessment, Psychometrics, Myer-Briggs Indicator and the Keirsey Temperament Sorter offer employers and head-hunters the benefit of sizing a candidate for certain responsibilities based on tried and tested methods of analyzing a person’s aptitude and attitude through systematic sequences. However, it has become known that one having taken one too many of such test would find little resistance to ‘tweaking’ his or her inclinations.

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Make a Temp Job Last

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By Dennis Nishi

Tamara Guion-Yagy was disappointed when Tetra Tech, an environmental engineering firm in Pasadena, Calif., hired somebody else for the job that she wanted. The 40-year-old graphic designer thought she was being tried out when the firm hired her as a temporary worker.

So Ms. Guion-Yagy worked even harder at the same temp job, often staying late to finish work. Her manager responded by creating another full-time position for Ms. Guion-Yagy. "I knew I'd be good at the job and liked the work," she says. "I just needed to show them how much."

When times are prosperous, companies are more likely to use temporary jobs as a low-risk way to vet full-time candidates. But the conversion rate from temporary to permanent worker has been low over the past few years as more companies lean on temps as a hedge against a double-dip recession, says Jonas Prising, president of Manpower North, a temporary-staffing company in Milwaukee, Wis.

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10 useless résumé words (and 10 eye-catching ones)

By Beth Braccio Hering

"Generic hyperbole belongs on cereal boxes, not on résumés," says Duncan Mathison, a career consultant and co-author of "Unlock the Hidden Job Market: 6 Steps to a Successful Job Search When Times Are Tough." "If it does not pass the 'So what, anybody can make that claim' test, leave it off."

Instead of being another candidate professing to be a "hard worker," revitalize your application with a little seek-and-replace exercise. Scan your résumé for empty, overused words such as the following:


What ARE you doing all day at work?

By Anthony Balderrama

I once had a job where, after four months in the office, I still couldn’t pinpoint exactly what one person did. She and I would be in the same meetings, but she didn’t say or do anything that hinted at her professional purpose. Not once did we collaborate on a project, though we made polite conversation in the hallways. When I asked my boss about this person’s role, I received an eye roll and a shrug. In other words, no one knew what this person with a vague job title spent her time doing.

In all honesty, most of us probably don’t know what other people are doing on a daily basis. We know what their job functions are, but how they spend their working hours is anyone’s guess. Perhaps no one is on the receiving end of such speculation more than our bosses. Surely we’ve all thought, “I’m doing all the work, but the CEO’s bonus is bigger than my entire paycheck.”

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Creative Ways to Turn Your Passion Into a Job

By Kaitlin Madden

Combining your life’s work with your life’s passion can be a challenging pursuit.

You may love something that you’re not very good at. Or, perhaps you’re lucky enough to be talented in the thing you are most passionate about, but you’re not sure how to translate it into a sustainable career. Or, maybe you spent years going to school for one thing, only to find out you’d really prefer to do something else.

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Smashing Records

Work is not meant to be a transactional relationship where your trade your time for money. It's a medium where you get to pursue your passions, to develop your capabilities, to cultivate your talents and be the best that you can be, while being paid at the same time.

This clarion call attracted a record number of 50 disenchanted participants, our highest so far, to join the first workshop of the year - How To Discover The Right Career For You.

The Burgeoning Popularity of JobsCentral-TSOPE Workshops

It's been a year of many firsts for JobsCentral. Besides becoming one of the most popular job portals in Singapore based on statistics, our workshops, conducted in collaboration with The School of Personal Excellence (TSOPE), have been attracting more and more participants.

This ascending popularity all culminated in our last workshop for the year, How To Successfully Cross Over To A New Career Field, managing to reach a record-high of 45 participants!

Here's what some participants had to say.