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The Art of Communication

Effective communication is said to be the pillar of everything we do. Miscommunication has more than often resulted in chaos and unnecessary panic. To ensure Singapore doesn’t suffer such a fate, MICA ensures that the Government conveys its key priorities to its people through a variety of communication channels.

By Eliza Hamizah

When I walked into Bey Mui Leng’s office, she was busy sending out an email to one of the divisions at the Ministry of Health (MOH). After a cheerful hello and a hasty apology, she promised to devote her full attention to us to share more about the Information Service (IS).

“There is so much to share that I wouldn’t do justice to the IS in just half an hour!” Mui Leng laughs.

Smiling, Mui Leng explained that she had been kept busy over the past two days as the Ministry had to conduct a technical briefing on tuberculosis (TB).

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