The Passion to Serve

It is not often that one gets the opportunity to combine work with passion. It is little wonder then that MOH Holdings Pte Ltd (MOHH) senior executive Ethel Yip considers herself fortunate, as her job allows her fulfil her dream of serving the community. MOHH, a holding company that oversees Singapore’s six public healthcare clusters, works closely with the Ministry of Health to help the Singapore Healthcare System foster a healthy nation. MOHH’s Community Assist Schemes Division (CASD) focuses on administering the health assist schemes set up by the Ministry. (Read More Here!)

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Why Your Company Should Host a Blood-Donation Drive

By Deanna Bonaparte

Healthcare services have been challenged to combat the shortage of blood donations for many years. To raise awareness of blood donation, the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) has adopted methods such as driving blood donation trucks around the city, hosting pop-up donation stations at office buildings and sharing emergency notices via social media. In fact, it has even come up with a novel way to continue its blood donation campaign through a mobile app. (Read More Here!)

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