Defence Science and Technology Agency

At the Forefront of Defence Technology

In today’s battlefield, technology is the key to victory and the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) is the organisation that holds the key, working very closely with the Singapore Armed Forces to provide technological solutions that will give our soldiers that critical edge. Two DSTA engineers tell us about their diverse work experiences at the forefront of cutting-edge defence technology.

By Farhan Shah

Much of the peace and security that we enjoy today is due to the presence of a strong armed force. One of the vital components in this picture is the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA).

Set up under the purview of the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), DSTA is responsible for equipping our soldiers with leading-edge technological solutions that maintain the Singapore Armed Forces’ (SAF) status as a formidable fighting force.

The organisation houses some of the brightest minds working on a diverse range of complex and large-scale systems engineering programmes that shape the defence and security landscape of the country.


Springboard to a Greater Future in Science and Technology

The DSTA Scholarship is the premier scholarship in defence science and technology. Two scholars share with us how the scholarship has paved the way towards fulfilling careers for them.

By Jenny Mak

The DSTA Scholarship provides a fully-sponsored undergraduate education in selected fields of study at top local and overseas universities.

It gives scholars diverse opportunities to pursue challenging careers not just in the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), but also in the other organisations that make up the Defence Technology Community .

Behind the doors

For Ong Shin Rong and Eugene Ang, choosing the DSTA Scholarship has opened the doors to an extremely fruitful and fulfilling career.

27-year-old Eugene, an Engineer with the C4I Development Programme Centre, waxes lyrical about his time so far with DSTA.

“It is truly a career like no other,” he enthuses, “one that is full of challenges, yet is highly rewarding as you know that your vital contribution truly makes a difference to our nation.”

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