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ESDA - Animating the Future

In Singapore’s diversifying economy, a career in digital animation is no longer thought of as a dead end. Helmed by active professionals and driven by cutting-edge technology, the Egg Story Digital Arts School is poised and well-equipped to mould the next generation of home-grown artists.

By Mohd Sufyan Saad

When Nickson Fong, founder and CEO of Egg Story Creative Productions, returned to Singapore after working in the United States, he felt that there was something lacking when it came to shaping and preparing would-be digital artists for the growing Asian Media Industry.

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3dsense Media School: Led by Passion

Sometimes pursuing your dreams is the best step forward for your career, and that’s exactly what Leos Ng Hong Mun did with a Diploma in Digital Visual Effects and Animation from 3dsense Media School.

By Philip Tnee

After Leos Ng Hong Mun graduated from polytechnic with a diploma in internet computing, he made a re-assessment of his career path and realised a change was needed. “During my time in the army, I realised the IT industry was over-saturated… So I felt if I wanted to work, I might as well do something that I like...”

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