Engineering The Rise Of A Dream

How far will you go in your pursuit for academic growth and self-actualisation? For Gan Theng Huat, the perseverance has certainly been worthwhile as he and his team witnessed the recent launch of Singapore’s first ever indigenous microsatellite, the X-SAT, into space.

By Mabel Tan

Established in 1972, DSO National Laboratories is one of Singapore’s premier national defence research and development (R&D) organisations for national defence.
With more than 1,000 research scientists and engineers, its mission is to sharpen the cutting edge of Singapore’s national security via new technologies and out-of-the-box solutions.

Through positive core values that emphasise the spirit of ‘learning by doing’, DSO aims to become a wellspring of technological knowledge, a fountain of innovation, and an inspiration to the R&D community in Singapore.

One of DSO’s innovative initiatives was the X-SAT, Singapore’s first ever indigenous microsatellite. Built in collaboration with Nanyang Technological University (NTU), the satellite was successfully launched on 20 April 2011. Research Engineer Gan Theng Huat reveals how he helped in this momentous project.

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Defending Singapore With DSO

Lim Kai Qi may be relatively new at DSO, but she is ready to play her part in stepping up Singapore’s defence with the latest warfare technological capabilities.


Defence is more than just about weapons and assault vehicles. Keeping Singapore safe also involves a lot of man-hours put in for research and development (R&D) by the DSO National Laboratories (DSO) to keep the island state at the forefront of defence technology.

As Singapore’s national defence R&D organisation, DSO attracts and grooms top calibre undergraduates to be developed into full fledge defence scientists and engineers. Its Sponsorship for Aspiring Researchers (SOAR) programme is one such avenue.

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DSO: From “Little” to “Lethal”

For Stephanie Fang, developing critical technologies for the SAF is not just about “guys and their gadgets”. This female engineer isn’t daunted by a predominantly male field, and is ready to get her hands dirty for Singapore’s defence.

By Azhar Jalil

As a Research Engineer with DSO National Laboratories, Stephanie Fang is to the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) what Q is to James Bond.

Her mission: to develop cutting-edge technologies that will force multiply the military’s combat capabilities, rendering potential threats irrelevant.

First impressions
The 28-year-old first encountered DSO during a field trip as a polytechnic student, when she explored the think tank’s laboratories and facilities, as well as interacted with its engineers who showcased and explained their work to the students.

“I was impressed from then on,” she recalls.

Before embarking on her career at DSO, Stephanie had worked as a Development Engineer for multimedia products, and also applied for an engineering position with another renowned research institute. However, the lure of a career with Singapore’s national defence R&D organisation proved ultimately irresistible.

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