Intern's Blog: Paper Value

It seems that employment in Singapore is taking a new tack. If you haven't seen them, the Workforce Development Authority recently launched a slew of ads urging workers to pick up skills. Employers are also being urged to consider the skill baskets that can be offered by candidates instead of just paper qualifications during hiring exercises.

Realistically speaking however, how relevant is this push to our society?

If anything, the paper chase in Singapore is becoming even more intense with Singapore's tertiary education institutes literally mass-producing graduates streamlined for the economy's needs.

Personally, I feel it's a good move to recognise that a paper grade can only tell so much about anyone's actual working ability.

However, what really needs to change is the mindset of our society as a whole. We are so driven and focused in our pursuit of success (as defined by the powers that be) that we become soul-less.

At the end of the day though, what does that diploma or degree really mean to you?

Editor's Blog: Details out for Singapore's fourth university

After months of speculation, some details about Singapore's upcoming fourth university have finally been unveiled.

To be located in northern, eastern or north-eastern Singapore, the university will take in up to 2,500 students each year. Three main disciplines will be offered: engineering, design and business. Research will also be an important focus, while undergraduates will pick up knowledge and skills across a variety of fields.

To achieve the aim of giving university places to 30% of each year's cohort, changes are also in store for existing universities.