The Ins and Outs of Salary Negotiations

By Deanna Bonaparte

After all the years of dealing with hair-pulling issues at work and labouring over unending tasks and demands, perhaps you feel it is time for you to be given credit where credit is due – a reasonable increase in your salary. Before this happens, you need to make the bold move to negotiate your salary. A salary negotiation is a process that should be walked through carefully. Here are some things to keep in mind before you propose one. (Read More Here!)

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3 Lines You Shouldn’t Cross as an Employer

As a boss, managing your employees well involves juggling the right amount of motivation and discipline in a professional manner. In fact, horror stories about unreasonable bosses are ubiquitous – the Hollywood satire blockbuster (and aptly-titled) Horrible Bosses details the antics of three downtrodden employees who’ve decided that they have had enough abuse and subsequently team up to knock off each other’s bosses. Even without the threat of violent death, being an unprofessional employer has its pitfalls. Regardless of how disinterested and lacklustre an employee may be, threats, insults and other verbal smackdowns have a tendency to backfire and do more harm than good – and may even lead to a report of abusive behaviour against you. With that in mind, there are just some lines in the sand that should never be crossed as an employer. (Read More Here!)

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From Employee to Employer: How to Make a Smooth Transition?

By Durga Elamaran

You’ve taken your baby steps into the working world, gradually moved up the corporate ladder and now you’re finally the boss of your own company! Handling troublesome clients and hectic workloads as an employee can seem insignificant when you find yourself having to manage an entire company. This 180 degree turn can certainly be stressful, but fret not - here are some tips on how to make a smooth transition. (Read More Here!)

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Q&A: Should I Join the Office Exodus?

Question: Recently, a number of colleagues have tendered their resignation at the company I recently joined. As I am a new hire, this sudden exodus has left me wondering if there is something ‘wrong’ about the organisation and whether I should leave before it’s too late. What should I do?

Answer: It’s easy to be influenced by the sudden departure of many of your co-workers, especially if they’re senior employees. As a new hire, you’ll be the most impressionable during your first few months at your new workplace.

And in the absence of any concrete information, the rumour mill at your company will also naturally go into overdrive, putting you in a position where you’ll be receiving lots of (un)substantiated gossip. (Read More Here!)

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Employee loyalty unaffected by economic downturn

The global recession has not negatively affected loyalty among Singapore employees, according to a survey done by recruitment agency Kelly Services.

Out of the 2,700 responses collected, the majority (64%) says that the economic downturn has made no difference to their loyalty. Nearly a third of the respondents (29%) even thought that they have became more loyal On the other hand, only 7% say they are less loyal.