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2015 CareerBuilder Singapore Employers of Choice Survey Press Release


Media Release from CareerBuilder Singapore

Want to know what constitutes an Employer of Choice in Singapore? Find out about what other local jobseekers think in our recent 2015 Employers of Choice report right now. (Read More Here!)

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Results are out for the 2009 JobsFactory Employers of Choice Survey!

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More than 3,000 university graduates and students have cast their votes in this year's JobsFactory Employers of Choice Survey (University Edition)!

Conducted annually, the Survey examines the employer and career preferences of current undergraduates and recent alumni from NTU, NUS and SMU. This year's Survey was conducted from September to October, and remains the largest and most comprehensive university graduate-focused survey of its kind in Singapore.

Keen to know which are the most popular employers from the private and public sector? Curious about the career preferences of young talents from local universities?

Click HERE to download your FREE copy of an extract report containing highlights of the results!