Q&A: How Can I Use Social Media to Grow My Business Effectively?

Question: I’m looking to grow my business outside of the traditional advertising mediums. Given that millions of people check their social media feeds daily, how can I use social media effectively to grow and market my business?

Answer: We live in a time when technology has redefined much of what we know. Businesses are no longer confined to brick and mortar establishments, and marketing tactics have transcended traditional means like newspapers, magazines and television and taken to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. (Read More Here!)

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Wielding the Double-Edged Sword of Social Media in Your Job Search

By Koh Wanzi

In the digital age, where everything is literally at your fingertips, we may merrily abandon paper trails in favour of digital ones when it comes to job-hunting. But though you would not leave personal information or pictures lying around for anyone to find, many people are in fact doing the digital equivalent of this online. (Read More Here!)

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Should Big Boss Be Watching You?

By: Gerald Goh

Employee privacy in the workplace is a thorny issue, as there are few, if any, laws governing precisely what companies can and cannot do with when monitoring their employees.

Some privacy-infringing measures utilised by companies include the installation of close-circuit cameras (CCTVs) to monitor employees, as well as the tracking of phone conversations, instant messaging and emails in the office.

But are these measures justified, or even worthwhile?

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Workplace Distractions – And How to Deal With Them

By Edmund Wang

You wake up in the morning, all bright and chirpy. You start your work day, rapidly clearing your emails and breezing through everything on your plate. But that scenario sounds too good to be true, because such days are few and far between.

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Social Media 101

By Shi Tianyun

If there’s anything the Amy Cheong saga has taught us, it is to watch what you say on the World Wide Web. Social media platforms can be a double-edged sword. Facebook and Twitter can help you re-connect with long-lost friends and stay updated with what’s happening in the world but it can also stab you in the back if you don’t follow the rules – as Amy Cheong has learnt the hard way.

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Ways to set up your own online portfolio

By Nur Shakylla Nadhra

In this digital age, more and more people are creating online personas and using the internet as a platform to showcase their work to attract potential clients or employers.
Normally, money and extensive knowledge in HTML and web design are essential tools needed to create a website or online portfolio from scratch. But with a plethora of online portfolio websites, and even popular social media platforms, doing up your own online portfolio has become fairly simple.

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JobsCentral Survey: Younger workers more likely to connect to bosses on social networking sites

By Juliet Soh

To connect or not to connect? That is a question that would not have existed ten years ago. But with the increasing popularity of social networking platforms, employees now are likely to have to make a conscious decision about whether to include their bosses in their virtual social circle.

According to a survey conducted by Singapore’s leading online job portal, JobsCentral, many are still reluctant to take the plunge. While 81.1% of the respondents said they have at least one social networking profile, two in three (66.9%) said that their bosses are not among their list of friends on any of the social media they use.

A total of 2,281 respondents took this survey, and the respondents consisted of employed individuals from all levels of occupation and income groups. This survey has an error margin of 2.05%, at 95% confidence level.

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