Part-Time Postgraduate Students: Balancing Work, Life and Studies

Many working professionals are wary of taking a year or two off from their careers in order to pursue postgraduate studies full-time, even if they stand to enjoy better career prospects after graduating. Others may dread the additional financial burden that a postgraduate course would place on them – especially if they stop drawing a regular salary as full-time students. As a part-time postgraduate student, you will enjoy the best of both worlds – you can look forward to better career opportunities after graduating and will not have to worry about picking up from where you left off. However, if not managed carefully, your studies can also upset the careful balance that you have established between work and life. Before you visit the Postgraduate Executive Fair 2015, we offer you some tips on how to be a successful and well-adjusted postgraduate student. (Read More Here!)

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Why Companies Should Have Family-Friendly Workplaces

By Desiree Yang

The total fertility rate in Singapore has been on the decline for many years now and as of last year, it stood at 1.19. While the government has made efforts to boost birth rates by rolling out policies like the Marriage and Parenthood Package, Singaporeans have remarked that the package still does not adequately address their concerns and struggles (e.g. having difficulty balancing work and family commitments), even with the enhancements that were introduced in 2013. The solution then just might lie with addressing the root of their concerns – the workplace. A company’s employees are its greatest asset, and an office of motivated, satisfied and focused employees is a successful and productive one. However, employees often have a lot more on their minds than just hitting their key performance indicators (KPI) for the quarter, especially so for those who are parents or caregivers. (Read More Here!)

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