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Making the Most of a Networking Event

By Deanna Bonaparte

Many of us are not born networkers. Conversation might flow between close friends, but that’s probably because you’ve grown familiar and comfortable with each other and your interactions have become something of a habit. But meeting with strangers at a networking event is a different ball game entirely – it requires considerable finesse and people are going to analyse how you portray yourself with close scrutiny. (Read More Here!)

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What Your Interviewer Is Secretly Thinking about Your Appearance

By Farhan Shah

First impressions are incredibly important, more so in job interviews. As you walk into the room, your interviewer (or interviewers) is already forming pre-conceived notions about you based on your appearance, even before the obligatory handshake.

According to a study done by Princeton psychologists, people form first impressions about you almost immediately in the blink of an eye, about a tenth of a second to be exact, and longer exposures do not necessarily equate to a different or better impression.

Before your mouth has opened, your interviewer has already sized you up, so make sure your interviewer has not mentally removed you from the shortlist even before you present your case.

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