Genres for the Job (Part I)

By Deanna Bonaparte

Isn't it extremely empowering to submit to your music of choice at the workplace while you’re wading through an endless to-do list? Even if it’s the peak hour commute, revving it up at the gym after work or soothing your nerves thanks to an overbearing boss, music has become more than just a soundtrack – it is an integral part of our lives. (Read More Here!)

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5 Design Tips to Boost Workplace Productivity

Fluorescent lights and boring white walls are so demotivating and passé. Try these workplace design tips that are backed by research to help transform your office into a hub of productivity and focus.

By: Alythea Ho

Need to boost focus and productivity among your staff? Try making some changes to your workplace design. More businesses today seek new ways to build productivity by rearranging and remodeling office spaces – and you don’t have to be Google or Facebook to have an office that helps your staff feel motivated and focused. (Read More Here!)