8 Bizarre Real-Life Interview Encounters

By: Alythea Ho

Ever heard about the guy who burst into song halfway through his interview, or the stalker who wouldn’t leave his interviewer alone?

Sounds like something straight out from, but believe it or not, these job-seekers are real.

In a JobsCentral survey held from August to September last year, we sought 396 hiring managers and HR personnel in Singapore and asked them to share their strangest interview experiences.

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Fancy a seat on the bus?

By Mabel Tan

Image by: Scott Chan

With the recent hike in taxi fares, it seems a more reasonable choice to render the services of other forms of public transportation, especially for daily commute.

As a former finance student, I completely understand the importance of saving, which is getting even more crucial as Singapore rises to take the place of the sixth most expensive city in Asia this year. That’s why I ride the bus on a frequent basis.

But with trains stalling on our increasingly overcrowded island, how can you beat the crowd to getting a seat on the bus?

Which Christmas Character does Your Boss Resemble?

By Justin Thompson

Holiday movies have some of the most beloved and loathed characters in cinema. Remember Macaulay Culkin in “Home Alone”? Or Ebenezer Scrooge from any incarnation of Dicken’s classic “A Christmas Carol”? While most are larger than life with hyperbolic characteristics, many of their traits can be found in the people that surround us at work every day.

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