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Against All Odds

Left: Lexis Teo | Right: Timothy Tan

Life insurance offers dual benefits of savings and security. Yet the industry is often misconceived by the public. We speak to two representatives from Great Eastern to find out how they overcome this challenge posed by society.

By Mabel Tan

Insurance agents hold a tough but rewarding career. They face countless rejections from people who don’t know any better and might face scepticism from their peers who have preconceived notions about their job.

Yet, insurance continues to thrive in Singapore and is now a billion-dollar industry. This pie will only become bigger in the future as the country grows.

Meet two Great Eastern representatives who have managed to thrive in their career and are now reaping the rewards of their hard work and labour.


The Great Insurance Myth

With Great Eastern, Tan Su Zen manage to rise to heights that she never thought was possible.

By Ashley Choo

A career in the insurance industry carries with it a certain social stigma that has unfairly enveloped the people working inside. Many would rather work outside of the insurance field as their preferred career choice. However, this is ironic considering the market demand for insurance products is rather sizeable.

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Great Eastern Life: Making Life Great With Small Favours

By Charlene Tan

“Great Eastern’s Centre for Excellence has given me the knowledge, skills and the right attitude to keep persevering to drive my knowledge and skills,” says Louis Ching, a Senior Associate Manager with Great Eastern Life Assurance. Today, his title reflects that he’s scaled the mountain of success, yet he humbly adds that “the climb up the mountain is more fun than being at the mountain top”.

About five years ago, after hitting the big ”three-O”, Louis decided to leave a well-paying job in the civil service to answer his inner thirst to join the business world. “I realised that insurance is a good business model, never out of fashion, with no start-up cost.” Yet facts and figures aside, Louis found that the insurance industry held deeper meaning both for himself and people around him.

Commissioned with a goal to make life great for clients, Great Eastern takes pride in grooming their team to help people achieve their financial goals and receive maximum coverage for their families.

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