Q&A: How Can I Use Social Media to Grow My Business Effectively?

Question: I’m looking to grow my business outside of the traditional advertising mediums. Given that millions of people check their social media feeds daily, how can I use social media effectively to grow and market my business?

Answer: We live in a time when technology has redefined much of what we know. Businesses are no longer confined to brick and mortar establishments, and marketing tactics have transcended traditional means like newspapers, magazines and television and taken to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. (Read More Here!)

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Convincing Employees to Grow with the Company

By Koh Wanzi

Many young professionals on the job market today view a job change as a move on to greener pastures, and more often than not, a new job does indeed net them higher salaries. They argue that switching jobs allows them to climb the corporate ladder faster, whereas staying with the same company could have them waiting longer for a raise or promotion. (Read More Here!)

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