Health Promotion Board

Health is Wealth

Health is the prerequisite to everything you want to do. Yet, most of the Singapore population still find it difficult to exercise, eat healthily, and break bad habits. We talk to two scholars who are keen to influence the Singapore population to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

By Eliza Hamizah

We’ve all seen them; eye-catching posters to encourage parents to bring their kids outdoors to prevent myopia, sombre black and white images to remind the public that cigarettes are cancer sticks, and stairs at public areas within the Health Promotion Board (HPB) painted in cheery and colourful hues to promote active physical activity among the public. These are just some of HPB’s tireless efforts to promote a healthy lifestyle among the Singapore population.

To accomplish this however, requires a determined and dedicated team and each year, HPB grooms a handful of students to be part of this team and to one day, be the future drivers of Singapore’s health industry.

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