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JobsCentral Learning Survey 2014: More Mature Learners Are Pursuing A Diploma

Survey saw a 2.5 fold increase in those aged 60 and above taking up Diploma studies

(Singapore, 14 January 2015): As the great Michelangelo once said: “I am still learning”. Indeed, education is a lifelong process and according to the results from the 2014 JobsCentral Learning survey by Careerbuilder Singapore, the demand for further education has been seeing an exponential growth. This can be observed in respondents keen on diploma studies, with an increase from 18% in 2013 to 26% this year. (Read More Here!)

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Survey Report: Record Number of Working Adults Keen on Further Education

Kaplan Singapore ranked top again among all private education institutions

By: Gerald Goh

(Singapore, 19 December 2013): The demand for further education among Singapore adult learners has never been higher – 82.7 per cent of 8,367 respondents in the 2013 JobsCentral Learning Rankings & Survey indicated that they wanted to upgrade their qualifications, a significant increase of 15.6 per cent from 71.5 per cent in 2012 and the highest since the Survey began in 2009.

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How to choose a college that will get you hired

by Kaitlin Madden

One of the goals of researching a college before applying is to find out what life would be like if you chose to attend that school -- what your classes would be like, what kind of dorm room you'd live in, what you'd do on weekends and how far away from home you'd be.

But perhaps even more important than finding out what your life will be like while you're at school is to find out what it'll be like after you graduate.

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Results are out for the JobsCentral Learning Survey!

The private education sector in Singapore has been growing swiftly over the past decade. However, recent events have led to much scrutiny of the sector, and calls to raise the standards of private education institutions here.

In light of these developments, which are the preferred private schools in Singapore currently? Who are the people interested in pursuing further education and why do they want to do so? Which are the most popular courses and how much are they willing to spend on their next level of qualification? What are the key factors of consideration when deciding which institution to apply for?

The JobsCentral Learning Survey Report answers these questions and more.

With 7,761 respondents, we believe this is the largest and most comprehensive private education survey in Singapore. Packed with interesting information and insightful analyses, this is a survey report that all prospective students and stakeholders of private education institutions will not want to miss.

CLICK HERE to download a complimentary (regular price: S$3,300) copy of the Survey report.

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