IE Singapore

Crossing Continents, Bridging Singapore

Internationalisation and trade may be big terms, but for International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, an economic agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry, it is their corporate mission. Two scholars share their experiences for the organisation that fosters the economic growth of Singapore.

By Grace Swee

International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, as its name suggests, is an economic agency that envisions “internationalisation” and “international trade” as the key to advancing Singapore’s economy.

According to the scholarly duo of Derek Sim and Mohd Moinuddin Kortiwala, this term refers to global networks and relationships with foreign investors.

With over 30 overseas centres located worldwide and a diverse range of corporate networks, IE Singapore is the epitome of a trade promotion agency with its widespread global operations.

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Prizes of the Enterprise

At IE Singapore, the world is your oyster. Besides leaving your footprints all over the globe, you are also responsible for forging and maintaining crucial ties between major international business partners and Singapore-based companies.

By Eugene Lim

“Change is the only constant,” says International Enterprise (IE) Singapore scholar Jocelyn Cai. Having been exposed to various roles in IE Singapore over the past four-and-a-half years, Jocelyn has fully grasped the meaning of this phrase. Initially posted to electronics and precision engineering division after her graduation from the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, the 27-year-old has progressed to become the Senior Manager of International Operations, Americas where she oversaw all industries within the Americas.

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FIREfly-IESG: The World Beckons

Travelling and interacting with foreigners is inherent in the job of an IE Singapore officer. A FIREfly scholar shares how she fell in love with it.

By Tan Yan Shuo

In the Andean mountain valleys of Peru lie the ruins of an ancient civilisation. The Inca Empire, having reached the peak of its power in the fifteenth century, built an extensive network of roads to connect its far-flung provinces centred on a mountain citadel – the Machu Picchu.

While studying in the United States, Gena Goh could not forgo the opportunity to retrace history by trekking the Incan trail during one of her school holidays. Neither could she pass up the chance to go backpacking in Guatemala and Mexico, moving from one country to the other by boating across the Usumacinta River.

And yet, Gena is not just an avid globe-trotter. She is also well-versed in culture and human behaviour, having studied Psychology at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and attained a master’s in Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Chicago. All this was made possible by the FIREfly scholarship, which she was awarded by IE Singapore in 2004.

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FIREfly (IE Singapore) - Of Growth and Glamour

The prestige of being a scholar isn’t a big deal for Oxford graduate Lin Lixin. Bringing local enterprise overseas is.

By Ashley Choo

Candidate description
Lin Lixin
FIREfly Scholar (IE Singapore)
Designation: Account Manager, Infrastructure Services, IE Singapore
Studied: Philosophy, Politics and Economics, University of Oxford

Call it a work hazard, but Lin Lixin’s replies to most questions are chock-full of background information to the topic in question. Getting into the nitty-gritty of things has been part of her daily routine since starting work with International Enterprise Singapore (IE Singapore) six months ago.

“Our long-term goal is to help Singapore companies clinch overseas projects,” the Account Manager for Infrastructure Services explained. “In the short-term, it’s about getting to know these companies in detail, because if I’m going to have a meeting with them, I want to be able to know what they are talking about.”

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