Singapore’s Road Warriors: After-School Job or Full-Time Career?

By Koh Wanzi

It’s been a long workday and the evening somnolence is already creep upon you – the idea of someone delivering grub to your door while you put your feet up sounds very enticing. Fast-food delivery may very well be the best idea since sliced bread, especially when the company delivery men simply materialise at our doorstep with hot, tasty fare.

Although fast-food deliverymen are the epitome of professionalism, clad in the company uniform with motorcycle helmet (very few deliverymen can afford a car) and matching delivery bag slung over their shoulder, they are often under-appreciated in their line of work. (Read More Here!)

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Against All Odds

Left: Lexis Teo | Right: Timothy Tan

Life insurance offers dual benefits of savings and security. Yet the industry is often misconceived by the public. We speak to two representatives from Great Eastern to find out how they overcome this challenge posed by society.

By Mabel Tan

Insurance agents hold a tough but rewarding career. They face countless rejections from people who don’t know any better and might face scepticism from their peers who have preconceived notions about their job.

Yet, insurance continues to thrive in Singapore and is now a billion-dollar industry. This pie will only become bigger in the future as the country grows.

Meet two Great Eastern representatives who have managed to thrive in their career and are now reaping the rewards of their hard work and labour.