International Enterprise Singapore

Growing Singapore's Global Footprint

At 298%, Singapore boasts one of the world’s highest trade-to-GDP ratio, a clear indicator of the importance of trade to our market-based economy. Behold IE Singapore, the invisible hand spearheading our country’s external economic growth and strengthening our local brands on the global stage.

By Winifred Tan

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Global Business Leaders

Left: Desmond Yeo | Right: Yeoh Mei Ling

Despite being a mere little red dot on the map, Singapore’s companies are making waves on the global scene. Helping them make a name for themselves overseas are the officers of IE Singapore. We speak to two of them and find out what exactly they do to contribute to Singapore’s economy.

By Eliza Hamizah

Shape the course of Singapore’s economy, create jobs for thousands of Singaporeans, and travel the globe to rub shoulders with some of the world’s top business and political leaders.

That, in a nutshell, is the world of International Enterprise (IE) Singapore. For those keen on such a life, the IE Singapore Undergraduate Scholarship provides its recipients with invaluable experiences.

Two IE Singapore scholars, Yeoh Mei Ling and Desmond Yeo, take some time off their busy schedules and tell us how the scholarship has led them on the adventure of their lives, where the world is their oyster.

Abundant Opportunities
Squeezing in a quick interview with us before he rushes to an important meeting with China government officials, 26-year-old Desmond reveals that he sought the scholarship as it would expose him to international business and allow him to meet and interact with top industry leaders.

Desmond Yeo: “IE Singapore gave me opportunities to study in New York, Shanghai and Tokyo. It was amazing.”

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