How to Ace Your Job Interview with the Right Body Language

By Jeremy Cheong

Job interviews are an inherently stressful affair. Some candidates tend to fidget during the job interview, which can range from touching one’s hair to slouching too much. The former reveals your nervousness while the latter implies a lack of confidence.

You might be surprised at how your body language is giving you away – in fact, experts have determined that 93 per cent of all daily communication between individuals is nonverbal. (Read More Here!)

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Q&A: Should I negotiate a higher starting salary?

Question: After going for a job interview, I’ve been offered the position but the organisation’s proposed starting salary is a little underwhelming, to say the least. Should I negotiate a higher starting salary?

Answer: It’s best to exercise a little discretion when deciding whether to either accept the organisation’s employment offer or negotiate a better starting salary.

Ideally, the starting salary you quote to the job interviewer is a figure that will be perfectly acceptable to you, so that if you’re offered that figure all you have to do is say yes. But your decision to quote a lower starting salary (to appear as a more attractive candidate for the position) may also count against you. (Read More Here!)

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How To Handle Challenging Interviewees

I am the hiring manager for my company and I recently encountered some challenging interview candidates. One didn’t dare to make eye contact with me throughout the interview, while another made excessive hand gestures as he was talking enthusiastically about something completely irrelevant. How should I handle such candidates in the future?

An interview can be a nerve-wracking experience for the interviewee, so perhaps it’s no wonder that some candidates tend to exhibit quirky behaviors because they’re stressed, or they’re attempting to (futilely) impress you, the interviewer, by being memorable.

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