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Job hunting on the job

By Shi Tianyun

The job search – it can be a tedious process some only resort to when necessary. On the other hand, some happily employed individuals like to be in tuned with what hot jobs are out there. In a recent JobsCentral poll, we asked when the average worker looks out for new job opportunities and 445 of you told us.

Surprisingly, only 19 percent of respondents hit the job portals when they were not gainfully employed. A conscientious 91 individuals (20 percent) kept an eye out periodically. Finally, a whopping majority of 56 percent would only start updating their resume when they feel that they have outgrown their current job or want a change in scope.

But how does one go about looking for a new job on the sly? We have some tips that will help you leave gracefully, without burning any bridges.

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7 Career Mistakes To Stop Making

You always hear that you shouldn’t lie on your résumé or inflate your salary during job negotiations. Even if you get hired, there’s always the chance that one day you’ll get caught in the lie and lose your job.

Although you’re not lying to anyone, you could still be making subtle mistakes that are actually sabotaging your career. If you feel like you’re in a rut or not advancing as quickly as you think you should be, you might be one of those workers.

So how do you know if you’re making a costly career error? Experts weigh in on some of the common mistakes you might be making and ways you can turn things around today.

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