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Help! My colleague has an annoying mobile phone ringtone!


My colleague is the funniest, sweetest lady but there’s just one thing I can’t stand about her – her mobile phone ringtone. She’s the biggest Justin Bieber’s fan and I swear I’ll rip her head off the next time I hear her phone go “Baby, baby, baby”. Please help!

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If jobs were lovers

By Juliet Soh

A friend who’s graduating in a few months’ time went into panic mode because he doesn’t know what jobs he should apply for. He can’t make up his mind because every job opening he saw seemed attractive.

He likes Job A because it’s glamorous, and Job B because it’s what he likes, however, he can’t give up Job C because he thinks it has the best career prospects. More importantly, he has diverse likes and interests, and he can’t find that one job that allows him to satisfy all of them.

If jobs were lovers, he would be a super-bad philanderer.