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Job hunting on the job

By Shi Tianyun

The job search – it can be a tedious process some only resort to when necessary. On the other hand, some happily employed individuals like to be in tuned with what hot jobs are out there. In a recent JobsCentral poll, we asked when the average worker looks out for new job opportunities and 445 of you told us.

Surprisingly, only 19 percent of respondents hit the job portals when they were not gainfully employed. A conscientious 91 individuals (20 percent) kept an eye out periodically. Finally, a whopping majority of 56 percent would only start updating their resume when they feel that they have outgrown their current job or want a change in scope.

But how does one go about looking for a new job on the sly? We have some tips that will help you leave gracefully, without burning any bridges.

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Job hunting while employed: How to cover your tracks

As a rule, honesty is usually the best policy when it comes to your career. Don’t lie about your experience, salary or education — you will get caught. Don’t pretend you know what you’re talking about, because you’ll eventually say something that makes you look like a fool. Don’t inflate your job title just to sound important — it will make you look worse.

But when you’re hunting for a job, you might need to stretch the truth a little bit. At the very least, you’ll probably need to get creative when explaining some of your actions. Each job is different, but in most workplaces the boss frowns on employees looking for another job. No one wants to hear, “Hey, I’m running out to interview for a job with a better salary!” at the office.

While we won’t tell you to lie to your boss, we do think you should know about these ways to keep your job search private without harming your current gig:

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If jobs were lovers

By Juliet Soh

A friend who’s graduating in a few months’ time went into panic mode because he doesn’t know what jobs he should apply for. He can’t make up his mind because every job opening he saw seemed attractive.

He likes Job A because it’s glamorous, and Job B because it’s what he likes, however, he can’t give up Job C because he thinks it has the best career prospects. More importantly, he has diverse likes and interests, and he can’t find that one job that allows him to satisfy all of them.

If jobs were lovers, he would be a super-bad philanderer.

How NOT to Handle Telephone Interviews

Kate Lorenz

This morning on the bus I couldn’t help but notice the woman across from me as she made a phone call. (Cell phone chatter on the bus is just one of my personal pet peeves.) But just seconds after she started talking, I realized she was having a job interview.

I was dumbfounded. Despite how desperate job seekers claim to be, they still make the simplest job search mistakes. One of the golden rules of job search: Find a quiet place to do a phone interview.

So when I got to work and saw the headline “Jobseekers interview while using toilet” in my inbox, I just had to click.

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