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Q&A: Should I Ask to be Re-assigned if I Cannot Cope with the Workload at My New Position?

Question: I have just been promoted and am struggling to cope with my new workload and responsibilities. However, I like my work environment and do not want to leave the company. Should I ask to be re-assigned instead?

Answer: A new move up the corporate ladder brings with it a higher salary and a welcome sense of progression. But career advancement also lugs extra baggage in tow – higher expectations from your superiors, greater responsibilities, and a heavier workload. (Read More Here!)

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Poll Results: What non-work related factors might affect an employer's decision of promoting someone?

To an employee, a job promotion is usually esteemed as a merit reserved only for the most deserving. It is an indication that one’s contribution to the company is valued and that he/she is ready to take on more responsibilities.

At times, however, most are slapped with the bitter truth that excellent work performance alone may not guarantee a move up the steps of the organizational ladder. In fact, factors affecting promotional opportunities may sometimes go beyond the context of work altogether.

What are the non-work related attributes, which would most affect an employer's decision of promoting someone? According to a short poll conducted by JobsCentral from 14 March to 9 April, 2012, most employees believe that besides on-the-job accomplishments, maintaining a good rapport with the boss would escalate their chances of getting that job promotion.