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Three in four Singapore hirers use online channels to snoop on candidates

By: Alythea Ho

Had a bad case of Monday blues? Hold back that angry tweet or Facebook rant about your boss first.

An employer survey by JobsCentral found that 75% of managers and hirers use online channels to snoop on job candidates. Of these, one in three say they prefer using social media sites like LinkedIn (38%) and Facebook (34%). Search engines ranked third at 28 per cent.

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The Perfect Match: What Makes a Good Employer

By Kaitlin Madden

Job seekers hear a lot about the skills and qualities that employers want from their potential employees. They're looking for someone with a killer work ethic, technological expertise, leadership potential, a sense of humor, great communication skills -- it seems like the list could go on forever.

But what about the qualities that job seekers should look for in potential employers? What should applicants seek in the companies to which they are applying? Though it can sometimes seem as if job searching is all about what the employer wants, it's essential for job seekers to know what they're looking for in a company, too.

Below are a few things all job seekers should consider when evaluating potential employers.

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