The Great Job Upheaval

By: Gerald Goh

The fallout from the global recession of 2009 is still being felt in 2013. In fact, Singapore’s economy contracted 0.6 per cent on a year-on-year basis in the first quarter of this year, down from 1.5 per cent in the previous quarter in 2012.

With sluggish economic growth forecasted for many other countries around the world, jobseekers are thus eagerly awaiting a turnaround in global economic sentiment – anticipating a return to the days of plenty as bad debts are restructured, toxic assets purged and the unemployment rate falls.

Will this come to pass?

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Are You Sure You’re Hiring?

By Gerald Goh

It should be an employee’s market in Singapore right now – when we last checked, the official unemployment rate was low – 2 per cent, or thereabouts on average in 2012 – and job listings are still plentiful.

Not to mention that you’re either raring to kick-start your career, or have recently gotten your annual bonus and have your eye on your next career move.

But are companies in Singapore really hiring, and in quantities that the numbers suggest that they should be?

Job hunting while employed: How to cover your tracks

As a rule, honesty is usually the best policy when it comes to your career. Don’t lie about your experience, salary or education — you will get caught. Don’t pretend you know what you’re talking about, because you’ll eventually say something that makes you look like a fool. Don’t inflate your job title just to sound important — it will make you look worse.

But when you’re hunting for a job, you might need to stretch the truth a little bit. At the very least, you’ll probably need to get creative when explaining some of your actions. Each job is different, but in most workplaces the boss frowns on employees looking for another job. No one wants to hear, “Hey, I’m running out to interview for a job with a better salary!” at the office.

While we won’t tell you to lie to your boss, we do think you should know about these ways to keep your job search private without harming your current gig:

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You want a promotion, but do you deserve one?

by Rachel Farrell

Everyone thinks they deserve a promotion. But how do you truly know if you deserve one?

"When it comes to career advancement, you want to stack the deck in your favor," said Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources at CareerBuilder in a recent press release. "While strong job performance and leadership skills will weigh heavily on prospects for upward mobility, employers will also look at whether the employee conveys an overall professional image both internally and externally."

Bad breath, disheveled clothing, piercings and tattoos ranked highest among attributes that would make an employee less appealing for a promotion, according to a June 2011 survey by CareerBuilder. The survey was conducted among 2,878 hiring managers across industries.

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