Lessons from a Professional Gamer

By Koh Wanzi

Many people think of gaming as a fun and light-hearted matter, but a considerable amount of strategy, teamwork, and grit is required at the high levels of competitive gaming. Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP) is currently recognised as the number one team in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) – the latest iteration of the classic first-person shooter. The Ninjas achieved an unprecedented 87-win streak during the earlier half of their career and have made the grand finals of almost every tournament they attended, making them the most consistent and highest performing team in the scene. In an interview with onGamers, NiP player Robin “Fifflaren” Johansson shares his thoughts on what makes NiP tick. He reveals insights that we can apply to our jobs, where we would do well with lessons on how to function effectively as a team and co-operate with our co-workers. (Read More Here!)

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3 Grimiest and Dirtiest Jobs

By Durga Elamaran

If you think handling clients’ requests is the pits, think again. There are actually some individuals out there who are brave enough to take up jobs that most others wouldn’t be able to handle for a single day.

But if you dread your desk-bound job and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, then one of these grimy jobs might be your cup of tea!(Read More Here!)

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Got a job? Don’t abandon your job search

Congratulations on your new job. You worked hard to get it — you added your résumé to online databases, you networked both online and off, and you got your portfolio in tip-top shape. Now that you’re working, you don’t have to think about anything job-search related until the next time you’re looking. Right? Wrong.

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Singapore workers keen to upgrade their skills despite low unemployment rate

By Juliet Soh

Against the backdrop of low unemployment rate of 2%, more than a thousand Singapore workers signed up for career seminars, showing a high level of interest in upgrading their career skills. The inaugural JobsCentral Career Summit 2012 hosted within the JobsCentral Career and Learning Fair, saw keen participation across its 23 seminars over topics on career growth, entrepreneurship, business skills and leadership.

Lim Der Shing, CEO of the JobsCentral Group says, “We are pleased to see strong support for the JobsCentral Career Summit from both students and experienced professionals. It goes to show that lifelong learning and career enhancing skills are valued by and are important to our workforce.”

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Much ado about every job

By Juliet Soh

I remember the days when dinner conversations revolved around examinations, who has a crush on whom, and whether that super-cute lecturer was married. These days, we're always talking about our work: crazy bosses, demanding clients and two-faced colleagues.

Complaining about work is not just a habit - it's a lifestyle. It's what makes us look forward to during lunch. It is, I really think, a way working people bond.

That's probably why the memes that have been making their rounds on Facebook recently are so popular. People with the same job functions nod their heads in unison to the exaggerated, but somewhat true, descriptions on these posts. They also seem to help clarify any misconception "outsiders" have about what they do.

Because talking about our job is such a timeless topic, we decided to get our Facebook fans to share with us about theirs through memes they create. I enjoy every entry that has been submitted.

I created one for myself too, by the way:

Managers from everywhere: Like this entry if you agree!

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Not only do you see a location map of the office, you can find out how to get there too! Get specific directions if you're driving or taking a taxi or make use of the public transportation option. What's more, an estimate of the distance travelled, time spent, cost of travel (on public transportation) is also available!

Overall unemployment here hits three-year high

Singapore's overall unemployment rate has hit a three-year high of 3.3 per cent. In the first quarter of 2009, 10,900 workers were retrenched, while 1,860 had their contracts prematurely terminated, contributing to a total loss of 12,760 jobs.

The labour market is experiencing its first quarterly contraction in nearly 6 years, as the number of workers who lost their jobs exceeded the number of workers hired. According to the Ministry of Manpower, a total of 95,700 residents were unemployed in March.

Most job losses come from the manufacturing sector, which has been affected by falling external demand. Services industries with external exposure like hotels and restaurants were also hit, while financial services saw a net loss of 1,900 jobs.

Domestic services and construction experienced gains, with the latter growing by 8,300 jobs. As for domestic services, gains came mainly from community, social and personal services, boosted by public sector hiring.

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