JTC Corporation

Nurturing the Seeds of Sustainable Development in Singapore

Grace Yang

As the leading Industrial Infrastructure Innovator in Singapore, JTC Corporation places great emphasis on developing the country – and its employees – in a vibrant, viable manner.

By Gerald Goh

Singapore’s population continues to climb well above five million, and ensuring that our country’s development remains environmentally sustainable for us and for the generations to come is a key goal of the JTC Corporation.

With that in mind, JTC’s CleanTech Park (CTP) is the location of choice for forward-thinking organisations that embrace an environmentally sustainable business model. It recently won a BCA Platinum Green Mark for Districts Award. Launched in 2009, this award recognises sustainable developmental practices – such as measures to improve energy- and water- efficiency – in planning, design and implementation. The CTP is the first development to attain the highest Green Mark Platinum rating since the launch of the BCA Greenmark for Districts scheme.(Read More Here!)

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Concrete Fun

Left: Foo Cexiang | Right: Harold Soong

Amazing innovations and incredible times can be found at JTC. We speak to two scholars who reveal a world behind the concrete and steel infrastructure.

By Kevin Lim

“JTC Corporation is Singapore's leading industrial infrastructure specialist spearheading the planning and development of a dynamic industrial landscape.”

Our pre-interview research into the corporation led us to believe we would be meeting two serious, intelligent gentlemen who would answer our questions with a calm monotone.

Instead, what we got were two incredibly charming men who were everything but boring. Besides being open and humorous, they were full of smiles during the conversation.

Meet the two men: Harold Soong, Acting Assistant Director of JTC’s Corporate Finance department and Foo Cexiang, a Planner in the Physical Planning department.

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Rewriting The Rules

For over 40 years, JTC Corporation has played a key role in the growth of the economy by providing cutting edge industrial real estate solutions. With its emphasis on innovation and creativity, it is all set to continue playing that role in the years ahead. One employee spills the beans on how JTC continually strives to be the best that it can be.

By Farhan Shah

In a tiny country teeming with over 5 million people and a population density of over 7,000 people per square kilometre, land in Singapore is a highly valuable resource. This makes the clever usage of land critical – and it is where JTC Corporation comes into the picture.

As Singapore’s premier industrial infrastructure innovator, JTC provides leading-edge solutions for industrial real estate needs. This can only be made possible through its creative employees who work hard to build and shape the industrial landscape of the country.

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Breaking Boundaries with JTC

Time and again, JTC Corporation transforms land spaces into innovative industrial solutions for work and play. Find out what it takes to be part of Team JTC, Singapore’s industrial infrastructure innovator.

By Charlene Tan

Today, modern industrial estates in Singapore are nothing like the dull and grey rows of factories pictured in textbooks.

Many sport lush gardens and parks, state-of-the-art manufacturing plants and a full range of amenities, such as food courts, retail outlets and recreational facilities.

Behind these sleek developments is an extensive framework of innovations and hard work put in by JTC Corporation (JTC) and its team of dedicated officers.

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