Q&A: I've Just Been Promoted to A Managerial Position. What Should I be Aware Of?

Question: I’ve been recently promoted to a managerial position, which is a first for me. What should I be aware of?

Answer: Your hard work, sweat and commitment has finally paid off and you’ve gotten your own corner office (or at least a larger cubicle). But being a manager involves more than just taking charge of your staff and planning and evaluating department activities. The question is: how are you going to adapt? Here are some things you should keep in mind as a new manager. (Read More Here!)

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Effectively Developing Your Employees’ Career Paths

By: Gerald Goh

In the modern workplace, employee loyalty is becoming an increasingly endangered species. It’s no surprise that one of the main reasons employees leave their job is because they feel that their career progression (and with it any salary increment) in the organisation has hit a brick wall.

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The best way to dish out constructive feedback

By Shi Tianyun

Performance review – two words that invoke dread in most including managers. Giving constructive feedback isn’t the easiest to do but feedback is one of the main tools that will help you develop your staff. Here are some tips on how to give constructive feedback effectively.

Look at the whole evaluation period
It’s human nature to be near-sighted – your executive’s latest failure to hit her targets would probably outshadow her stellar performance earlier in the year. While it is necessary to raise the areas she needs to improve on, it is equally vital to highlight her past good work done in the entire evaluation period.

Keep the atmosphere light
If both parties are nervous, having your feedback discussion in a daunting conference room won’t help the situation. Try somewhere outside the office that’s quiet and conducive like, a nearby coffee shop. Your attempt to put your staff at ease will be appreciated.

Be positive
One main point is to point out areas that can be improved on but some forget feedbacks are done to acknowledge good work too. Some managers will find that they have little to say if their staff is generally a good performer, so the meeting ends quickly on a superficial level. By providing positive feedback, she will feel that her efforts have been validated.

Don’t wimp out
Don’t sugarcoat your critical feedback. Some have the tendency to rush through and blabber on after pointing out a criticism to soften the blow. As uncomfortable as it is, stop and let the message sink in so that she knows this is an issue. And don’t add the criticisms as an afterthought to the end; she might be relieved that the ordeal is over and not pay attention to what you say.

Be specific

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Boardroom Limited - Boardroom Boredom No More

If the word “boardroom” brings to mind a stuffy meeting involving a group of men with graying hair, think again. Boardroom Limited, a Singapore Exchange-listed company with an impressive and extensive portfolio, is anything but.

By Melissa Leong

Angelin Loh and Yang Shuzhen, both accounting graduates from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, have come a long way since joining the Boardroom Limited group 11 years and two years ago respectively. Both unhesitatingly describe their work as “challenging yet satisfying”...

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