Wielding the Double-Edged Sword of Social Media in Your Job Search

By Koh Wanzi

In the digital age, where everything is literally at your fingertips, we may merrily abandon paper trails in favour of digital ones when it comes to job-hunting. But though you would not leave personal information or pictures lying around for anyone to find, many people are in fact doing the digital equivalent of this online. (Read More Here!)

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Editor's Blog: Power 98 DJs sacked

He happens to be my favourite radio DJ, but Joe Augustin has unfortunately been sacked by a radio station. Again.

Augustin and Shareen Wong, hosts for Power 98's Morning Jam, were sacked after a meeting with the station's management last Friday. Safra Radio, which runs Power 98, claims that both DJs have breached their contracts.

However, the duo do not agree with the claim and have told the media that they are still waiting for more details from the management.

When contacted, Safra Radio's assistant manager for corporate services (HR), Ms Theresa Lim, had this to say to a local newspaper: "They were on contract for service, which could be terminated any time. Their services were no longer required, so it was ended".

Both DJs were on one-year contracts, and have yet to be informed about compensation for their termination. Augustin is considering a teaching career, and was previously sacked by Radio 91.3FM in May 2008.

Details are obviously sketchy at this point of time, but I think it's a shame for anyone to be sacked without knowing exactly why. I was actually listening to Morning Jam on Friday, when Joe and Shareen were joking about the meeting, saying how it could very well be their last show.

Sigh. Whichever way this turns out, my mornings just haven't quite been the same without their witty banter and chemistry. I just hope they get the compensation they deserve, and future employers who recognise them for the talents that they are.

To read what Joe Augustin himself has to say about the situation, click here:

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Editor's Blog: We're in the papers!

It's the last day of Chinese New Year, and we've got some great news to share!

We're mentioned on Page A6 of The Straits Times, in an article titled "Online help from peers"!

We're really excited about the press coverage, and would like to thank YOU for your support! Do continue to spread the word about our Retrenchment Watch table, and post on the JobsCentral Forum!

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Intern's Blog: Plugging into a Digital Future

Singapore recently announced the planned development of Mediapolis, taking a step towards becoming another hub for the world, .

The project to grow Singapore’s media infrastructure and turn the country into a Trusted Global Media Capital - as it’s officially known - is slated for completion in 2020 and will occupy a 19-hectare space near Buona Vista with an adjoining 12-hectare space earmarked for possible expansion.

Despite the negative economic climate, the Asian media industry seems resilient – a recent Pricewaterhouse Coopers survey puts growth at 9% annually. While recession would dampen the investing mood, “a competitive cost structure, a growing audience of young and affluent middle class, as well as greater connectivity to digital content,” would continue to lure media financiers here, according to MICA* head, Dr Lee Boon Yang.

With Mediapolis, Singapore will be well poised to take full advantage of this boom. Singaporeans, especially those with skills in digital media will be in high demand when the project eventually takes off. Spin off and support industries throughout the media industry value chain will naturally benefit as well.

The media sector here already employs about 54,000 people, contributing 4.5% of Singapore’s GDP. With a dedicated hub and brand-name media firms in place, employment opportunities in this emerging sector can only abound.

*Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts

SAE Institute Singapore – Real Dreams

Want to be the next George Lucas? Or Steven Spielberg? Now you can, with SAE Institute Singapore, where local filmmaker Tay Hoo Wee began his journey in film.

By Candice Chan

Finding SAE Institute Singapore
Tay Hoo Wee started off as a multimedia artist, and only became a filmmaker after his National Service. The well-spoken 27-year-old explains, “While I was doing my National Service, I was already looking out for a reputable school to start my film education. I asked around and SAE was one of the highly recommended names. So I signed up with SAE, where I went through the whole process of filmmaking, from pre-production to post-production...”

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Editor's Blog: Magazine mayhem


If you're a big fan or aspiring employee of Playeur magazine, you might be interested to know that the publisher of the men's magazine has seen better times.

Viscion Media Group has been sued by freelancers and a top modelling agency for allegedly not paying wages and bills. A former freelance writer claimed she was owed $800 for two articles, while a freelance photographer has lodged a suit seeking $3,000.

The company, which published its first magazine Lexean in late 2006, also recently settled a $25,000 lawsuit by Upfront Models, which claimed that Viscion had defaulted on payments for use of its models. On top of these legal battles, at least four employees from Viscion have lodged complaints to the Ministry of Manpower.

In other news related to men's magazines, SPH Magazines has announced that Maxim will cease publication, following an earlier report that Vanilla and Lime magazine would also be taken off news stands.