Q&A: What Specialised Positions Can I Consider in the Healthcare Sector?

Question: I'm looking to enter the healthcare industry, but what are some professions I can consider besides being a nurse or a doctor?

Answer: There are numerous specialisations you can consider when getting your foot in the door of the rapidly-growing healthcare industry in Singapore as an Allied Health Professional (AHP) – specialists who work with healthcare practitioners to deliver high quality patient care. This also applies to individuals considering a mid-career switch – you can apply for the Professional Conversion Programme to gain relevant knowledge and training to become an AHP. (Read More Here!)

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Healthy Growth with HMI

By Farhan Shah

The conundrum of Singapore’s ageing population still stumps most analysts but for Richard Koh, this represents a huge opportunity for himself and Health Management International (HMI). “Singapore’s current healthcare spending is one of the lowest in the world but with ageing issues coming up, there’s tremendous room for growth,” Richard, Group Senior Manager for Business Development, shares.

Richard is responsible for developing the group’s business in Singapore and Malaysia and is poised to capitalise on the upcoming boom in the healthcare industry. “An advantage we have is that despite being a small company, we have the financial strength of a listed organisation,” Richard reveals. This strength has enabled HMI become a force to be reckoned with in the field.

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A Doctor and a Friend

As I was having my breakfast this morning, my mother was taken aback by an orbituary she saw in the newspapers. Our family doctor, Dr Tan Kin Theng, had passed away the day before.

Dr Tan was a general practitioner who me and my family members went to whenever we fell ill. A jovial and well-liked man, he was also a family friend who often forwarded jokes to my father by email. I'll always remember how he made an effort to find out how I was doing whenever we met, and the sweets he offered to me when I was a young boy who didn't relish the idea of being in a clinic.

When my father was recovering from a major operation a few years ago, Dr Tan made personal trips to our home to help him change his dressings, without ever charging us a single cent. But despite not being a smoker or having a drinking habit, Dr Tan contracted liver cancer, which eventually led to him working on only certain days of the week.

I seldom saw him in the last year, and got used to being treated by different doctors who practiced in his clinic. My father heard that Dr Tan's condition took a turn for the worse in recent months, but the thought of paying him a visit never seemed to cross my mind.

I'm sure many of us can relate to the fact that we don't seem to know how to treasure something till it's gone. While leading our own busy lives, it's also easy to take the people around us for granted, whether they are our colleagues, friends, family members or individuals who provide us with services that we require on a regular basis.

Rest in peace Dr Tan, and thank you for everything you've done to better the lives of so many who have had the privilege of knowing you as a doctor and a friend.