Q&A: Should I Start a Business on the Side?

Question: I am currently employed full-time but am considering a secondary source of income by starting my own business on the side. Is this a viable idea?

Answer: Starting and managing a side business requires a considerable amount of effort and resources – perhaps more than you think! A great deal of time, effort and resources need to be invested in order if your side business is not to end up in the red – permanently. (Read More Here!)

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Q&A: How Should I Deal with Being Demoted/Reassigned?

Question: I have been demoted at work and am in the midst of re-evaluating my status in the office. Does my demotion suggest that my boss deems me unworthy and is subtly nudging me to leave?

Answer: One thing’s certain – if your boss wanted to give you the boot, he/she would have. For your part, learning about your demotion must have been harsh – even humiliating – but before you go about bashing yourself up and turning in that resignation slip, here are some things you should consider (and to keep your motivation from falling into a slump). (Read More Here!)

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3 Lines You Shouldn’t Cross as an Employer

As a boss, managing your employees well involves juggling the right amount of motivation and discipline in a professional manner. In fact, horror stories about unreasonable bosses are ubiquitous – the Hollywood satire blockbuster (and aptly-titled) Horrible Bosses details the antics of three downtrodden employees who’ve decided that they have had enough abuse and subsequently team up to knock off each other’s bosses. Even without the threat of violent death, being an unprofessional employer has its pitfalls. Regardless of how disinterested and lacklustre an employee may be, threats, insults and other verbal smackdowns have a tendency to backfire and do more harm than good – and may even lead to a report of abusive behaviour against you. With that in mind, there are just some lines in the sand that should never be crossed as an employer. (Read More Here!)

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Setbacks are the Biggest Boost to Workplace Aptitude

By: Gerald Goh

It’s an oft-quoted cliché that you cannot truly succeed in life unless you have experienced first-hand the bitterness of personal or professional failure - or even both.

But like all clichés, this idiomatic saying is not entirely without merit. A colleague recently wondered aloud: is it true that the majority of hardworking employees are actually only those who have experienced some sort of significant setback in life? (Read More Here!)

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Poll Results: What is your greatest motivation in pursuing an MBA?

A Masters in Business Administration (or MBA) is an accredited post-graduate degree programme which imparts students with the knowledge and skills of business operations.

Admissions into most MBA programmes are often based on academic credentials, work experiences and performance in an admittance test. On top of the arduous admittance process, going through the programme itself requires a good amount of commitment and conviction. Despite this, MBA programmes continue to observe a growing popularity in Singapore.

What are the motivations behind enrolling for an MBA programme? According to a new short poll by JobsCentral, conducted between 18th July and 28th August 2012, most Singapore workers are driven to pursue an MBA with the intention of getting a salary increment upon completion.

Kickstart yourself at work

The work is sheer boredom. The pay is relatively low. And you are trapped in a maze, with little prospect of advancement. What more could you want in your job?

How about being out of a job, for a change?

You can wake up as late as you want and turn over and go to sleep. But other than being idle, there are few activities you can do. You can’t shop and buy anything you fancy. You can’t book a cruise to Phuket when you want a change of scenery. You can’t gorge yourself at a buffet spread in a 5-star hotel.

If you haven’t discovered yet – the nice, enjoyable things in life cost money, money that you can only get from working in a job.

If you’re out of National Service and into your first job, motivate yourself by thinking of older folks who are jobless and dying to get a job, any job.

Workers who feel depressed most of the work days, brighten up during pay day. It’s motivating, they will tell you, when you queue at the ATM to wait your turn to draw out a few sheets of crisp, blue $50 notes.

The question is: how do you avoid being depressed and stressed at your workplace before the next pay day? Employers don’t like depressed and bored workers – they’re bad for morale and they infect others so that productivity goes down and the company’s revenue suffers.

Career counsellors agree that stress goes together with depression. Reduce the stress level and you will feel lighter, brighter and more cheerful about work.

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