National Science Scholarship

Getting Work-Life Balance Down to a Science

Left: Jiang Sizun | Right: Tan Wui Siew

Contrary to the misconception that scientists spend long hours in their laboratories and hardly have time to pursue other interests, A*STAR scholars Dr Tan Wui Siew and Jiang Sizun demonstrate that it’s possible to be part of a world-class research organisation and still keep a good work-life balance.

By Renee Seow

When Dr Tan Wui Siew is not pushing the boundaries of materials science, the trim and tanned 28-year-old research scientist indulges in sports and occasionally travels to neighbouring countries to immerse in nature.

Her fellow compatriot, Jiang Sizun, is also a researcher, albeit in the field of structural biology and biochemistry. However, away from the microscope, the bespectacled 23-year-old enjoys running half marathons.

Besides their similar active lifestyles, both Wui Siew and Sizun are also recipients of one of Singapore’s most reputed science scholarships, the National Science Scholarship under the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR).

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