National University Health System

Moving and Improving Lives, Literally

Improving the quality of their patients’ lives – That’s the purpose that all allied health professionals work towards. We talk to one Health Science scholar who tells all.

By Farhan Shah

“When I was in university, I was extremely busy and had no time to exercise!” 23-year-old Tong Shuk In laughs heartily, explaining the reasons behind the weight that she gained while she was in school a few years back.

The additional weight that she put on is now consigned to the annals of history; the Physiotherapist sitting in front of us is the epitome of fitness. She regularly runs with her colleagues and even finished in the top 10 in her organisation’s annual cross country run.

Looking trimmed and toned in her white coat, Shuk In regales us with tales from the hospital, explains her reasons for becoming a Physiotherapist, and reveals a world that’s not just made up of sanitised hallways and men in white coats, but one that is a mix of compassion, gratitude and hope.

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A Noble Undertaking

A trip to the hospital often leaves many with a lasting impression of the intensive nature of our healthcare industry. Two healthcare practitioners help us truly appreciate the fast-paced and meaningful nature of their work by sharing their experiences.

By Wendy Ng

“A career in the health industry is like a rollercoaster ride,” says Cassandra Seah, an Occupational Therapist at the National University Hospital (NUH).

“Things move very fast in the hospital so we have to be alert all the time. However, I am never on the adventure alone. Together with a team of doctors and nurses, we help our patients and families in this journey of life. That makes it an enriching and fulfilling experience,” the 25-year-old elaborates.


NUHS: Altruistic Aspirations

By Eugene Lim

Since independence, Singapore’s life expectancy has been rising consistently. The average Singaporean now lives up to about 80 years, up from 65 years half a century ago. Thanks to the Republic's excellent healthcare infrastructure, the figure is expected to ascend further, making the healthcare industry an evergreen and essential one. National University Health Systems (NUHS) is one of the core entities responsible for this praiseworthy phenomenon in Singapore.

Benevolent Business
For Clara Sin, the search for a “more meaningful and more stable” career led her to NUHS. After graduating from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor of Business (Banking & Finance) in 1993, she began her professional career in the financial industry before making the switch to healthcare in 2002. “I felt that healthcare meets both of my expectations. It's doing meaningful work and it offers better job stability as compared to other industries,” explains Clara.

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