New Year's resolution

Poll Results: Are you planning a job switch after receiving the year-end bonus?

Amidst year-end celebrations and countdown revelries, the period towards the beginning of the New Year is often a time for many to ponder upon fresh resolutions. Resolutions that fall in the context of, say, losing weight, saving more money and other goals which one hopes to accomplish in the coming year. It should come as no surprise that switching to a better job is also amongst the common list of New Year’s resolutions.

Needless to say, it would be a strategic time to consider a job switch since it’s the time to look forward to a “fresh year, fresh start”. It is also during this period where many companies practise handing out year-end bonuses as reward to employees for their contributions throughout the year. Often, employees looking for a professional switch would take the receipt of year-end bonuses as a cue to start their search for greener pastures.

Through a poll conducted between 2nd December 2011 to 3rd January 2012, JobsCentral sought to find out how many individuals have the intention of leaving their current jobs after receiving their year-end bonuses. The poll received a total of 372 votes.