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Harness colour psychology at work situations

By Juliet Soh

There is a reason why there are so many idioms that describe moods with colours: having the blues, seeing red, tickled pink and green with envy. That’s because colours indeed have powerful effects on our psychology. In fact, the Egyptians and Chinese have been practising “chromotherapy”, an alternative treatment using colours to heal, for thousands of years. Now, tap on the knowledge of colour psychology and find out how you too can harness this understanding to help you at work.

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Backpacks & Business Shirts: You Are Not Mountain Climbing

By Farhan Shah

[This entry is partly inspired by my colleague and partner-in-crime, who blogged about women and high heels here]

While hanging on for dear life during my customary morning rides on the train, I also enjoy looking at the different denizens in the same carriage as me, who all either seem to be surgically attached to their smart devices or dozing off with their eyes open.

It was through these morning observations that made me realize this incredibly bad fashion faux pas – a large number of men in business shirts like to carry large, shapeless backpacks that make them look like oversized school children.

Don’t believe me? Just hang around any train station during peak hours and observe carefully. Besides wearing badly-tailored clothes (which deserves its own blog entry), a lot of men carry backpacks that look suspiciously like the ones they carried during their schooling days.