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Q&A - April Fools' Gag Gone Too Far

Question: My colleagues recently played an April Fools' prank on me and I feel that they may have gone too far with their gag. Am I overreacting?

Answer: Oh, that time of year we all love to hate. If you were on the receiving end of a prank, chances are – it wasn’t quite as funny. Even if April Fools' is a socially justified excuse for pranking, try and understand that if your colleagues pulled a fast one on you, it was in the name of good, clean fun. But a joke can go too far and leave you feeling embarrassed or even humiliated, even if you’re the type to bounce back with a good laugh. (Read More Here!)

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5 Safe Office Pranks for April Fools’ Day

By Jacelyn Lim

In just a couple of days, numerous people will peer around corners and look behind their backs every few minutes to make sure that no one is attempting to play a prank on them. No matter your age or gender, April Fools’ Day is always celebrated with enthusiasm as friends try to outwit and out-prank each other with the most elaborate ideas unimaginable.

The office environment is no different. Tricking unsuspecting colleagues will incite a few laughs and gives everyone involved a topic to talk about during lunch or after-work drinks. At the same time, everyone will have a smile on their faces; happy workers translate to higher productivity after all.

Although April Fools’ Day falls on a Sunday this year, you can always shift the customary day to Monday instead!

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