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Q&A: How Can I Maintain A Healthy Work Spouse Relationship?

Question: I spend more time at work with a female colleague than I do at home with my actual wife. How can I ensure that this platonic relationship with my female colleague remains a healthy one?

Answer: While you have zero intent to cheat on your lovely wife, the unavoidable fact is that you’re probably spending most of your waking hours with coworkers of the opposite gender in your workplace. (Read More Here!)

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Love is in the air


After several months of working together on a project, I’ve developed romantic feelings for my colleague and as it turns out, she feels the same way. I’ve seen first-hand how adorable office romances can be, but I’m also aware of the consequences they bring around the workplace should things turn sour. Should I still pursue a relationship with my colleague and if so, what are some things that I should take note of?

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Nothing Personal, Just Business: Can Your Boss Be Your Friend?

By Melainne Chiew

“Friends” – it seems harmless enough. Usually, it’s two (or more) individuals searching for that quaint connection, or some company to while away another lonely, loveless Friday night.

But what if that “friend” is your boss?

While statistics show a considerable amount of reservation that an office worker would have toward a boss-subordinate relationship, numerous studies show that even being friends is considered a taboo. According to MSN-Zogby, only 14% of the people polled consider their boss a personal friend.

So where is the line eventually drawn between a manager and his or her employees?

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