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Walking Down the Office Aisle: Office Spouses

By Farhan Shah

You’ve just been given a dressing down by your boss. You walk back to your desk, still smarting from your metaphorical wounds, and launch your office communication software to rant to your closest office colleague.

On other days, you go out for lunch with said colleague and talk shop about work, life, and anything under the sun. To the other people around you, both of you are joined at the hip for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, and till the next career move drives the two of you apart. Essentially, the both of you are office spouses.

But what exactly is the definition of an office spouse? Although many people disagree on the exact parameters, it is widely agreed that an office spouse is someone of the opposite gender whom you share a close relationship with, who understands your whims and pet peeves, and who is usually the first person you turn to if something good or bad happens at work.

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