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How Can I Go Back to My Old Job?

By Deanna Bonaparte

If you are finally certain that you want to go back to your old job, it is likely that you have ascended from the dark place in your thoughts where you felt crestfallen and where your mind was firing ‘What if’ scenarios in all directions. There must have been a reason behind your resignation at your previous company. Perhaps you misjudged the company or a certain situation, or perhaps you leapt at the prospect of a better salary and greater career advancement opportunities elsewhere. Whatever the case, the question “How do I go back to my old job?” is a relatively friendly occupant in your mind considering that you have already conquered an arguably more unsettling thought: “Should I go back?” (Read More Here!)

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Pulling a Ricky Gervais: Returning to an Old Job

I’m a big fan of actor Ricky Gervais. I like his sarcastic, biting humor, and I thoroughly enjoy watching both the British version of “The Office” and its U.S. spinoff. Yet even I found myself turning red, unable to look directly at the TV, as he offended one A-list celebrity after another during the 2011 Golden Globe awards.

So I was pretty surprised to learn that, for the third year in a row, he was picked to be the award show’s host. I guess they say the third time’s a charm, right?

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