Q&A: How do I Have Work-Life Balance?

Question: My work is overwhelming me and I barely have any time for myself. My stress from work is also straining my relationships with my loved ones and my family. What can I do?

Answer: Trying to dredge a semblance of a work-life balance from your hectic schedule is a constant bugbear for many working professionals in Singapore. As the projects begin to pile up, you often find yourself having to take work home and slog through it late into the night. (Read More Here!)

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JobsCentral Survey: More than 60% of Singapore workers complain of heavy workload and work stress

By Juliet Soh

66% of Singapore workers say that their workload has increased when compared with six months ago, according to a survey conducted by Singapore’s leading online job portal, JobsCentral. Of them, 83.3% said that their work stress has also increased in the last six months, while 1.1% said that stress level has decreased and 15.5% indicated that it has stayed the same.

A total of 2,281 respondents took the survey and respondents consisted of employed individuals from all levels of occupation and income groups. The survey has an error margin of 2.05%, at 95% confidence level.

60% of the respondents reported that they stay in the office for at least an hour after work hours at least three days a week. One in three (32%) say they bring their work home to complete, 22 per cent say they have worked from home while on sick leave and close to one-fifth (18%) say they have worked while on vacation.

“Singapore’s workplace environment is a tough and demanding one. Workers place career as one of the top priorities in their lives and often make personal sacrifices for job advancements. On the other hand, employers faced with increasing manpower cost, embark on the unending quest for higher productivity. It is not surprising that our workers are feeling more stressed and working longer hours,” says Michelle Lim, Chief Operating Officer of JobsCentral Group.

“Technology such as 3G and wifi on smartphones, tablets and laptops means that you can take work with you wherever you may be. And it also means that employers have the expectation that you are available even after office hours. However, both employees and employers should learn to respect after-work hours and reasonable allocation of work in order to avoid burning out in the long term,” she added.

Higher earners display more “workaholic” tendencies

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