Paperless Workplaces: Yay or Nay?

By Desiree Yang

When Amazon released its very own smartphone – the Amazon Fire – in June this year, many were certain that its much-touted Firefly feature was set to revolutionise the world of e-commerce and shopping. Firefly essentially bridges the gap between the virtual and physical world, allowing users to scan items they see in brick-and-mortar stores, load the relevant Amazon listing and make a purchase online. In the same way, workplaces have undergone a rapid digitalisation that has led to the birth of the notion that we might one day transition entirely to paperless workplaces. However, not only are paperless workplaces costly and unsuitable for some companies, they also open the door to other problems such as a widening gap between employees’ skills and the technology installed in the workplace. This ultimately results in a decrease in efficiency overall. It really makes one wonder – how feasible is it for workplaces to go paperless? Or would simply reducing the amount of paper used in the office be a better bet? (Read More Here!)

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Kickstarter Pens: Revitalising Writing Tools in the Workplace

By Koh Wanzi

In an age of styluses, tablets, and advanced word processing, the pen – the most humble of writing tools – has been relegated to a secondary position. Unless you are a pen connoisseur, a battered old Bic pen which you hardly glance at twice is most probably your first resort when you need to pen something down at the office. (Read More Here!)

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