Dancing to Life's Beat

Many consider an arts education to be mere enrichment. For a few, however, their childhood arts lessons became the foundation for a lifelong career.

By Charlene Tan

Wearing pink ballet tights for the first time, four-year-old Veronica Shen tottered onto the wondrous world of dance. Unbeknownst to her then, her passion would continue unabated throughout her years of schooling.

“When I was in Poly, my friends and tutors would often catch me doodling ballet shoes on my worksheets and books,” she muses.

Today, the 22-year-old is a dedicated ballet teacher determined to pass on the love of dance to younger generations. She teaches most evenings a week, coaching both kids and adults in ballet and jazz dance, and without a doubt, cherishes every moment she spends on the job.

“There is so much satisfaction and it’s the little things that add up. At the end of class, the kids would sometimes come up to me with a hug, and the enthusiastic response I get from them during class shows they enjoy class. When the kids do well in exams, it’s an assurance that I’ve done a good job,” she says with a smile.

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