Fill 'em up (because I don't know what else to say)

By Juliet Soh

"Basically, it's like... we asked 500 consumers about how they feel about the product itself, and yeah... most of them actually said that they were satisfied, and actually want to continue buying it and stuff like that. So... yeah... I'll move on to the next slide, which will actually show you how we upgraded the marketing plan itself to..."

Do you speak like that at an official presentation?

I know of many people who do. When people get nervous, they excessively use what we call "fillers" - words that don't add value to what you're saying. Common ones include: basically, it's like, yeah..., actually, itself, you know, right...

What's wrong with it, you wonder. It's wrong all over! Try removing the fillers from my first paragraph and you'd notice how redundant fillers are!

JobsCentral & JobsFactory Presentation 2009

At JobsCentral and JobsFactory, clients and partners help form the intricate web of success that both companies have built over the years. It was with an air of familiar excitement that the JobsCentral & JobsFactory Presentation 2009 took place on Friday, 30 October.

By Nabilah Husna A. Rahman & Colin Lim

An exclusive event, the presentation was only open to clients and partners of JobsCentral and its sister company JobsFactory. Held annually, this year’s presentation attracted over 150 attendees from more than 90 companies, comprising mostly of HR personnel and representatives from organisations in both the private and public sector.

Featuring engaging talks by the Chief Executive Officer of JobsCentral, Lim Dershing, Managing Director of JobsFactory, Huang Shao-Ning and Content & Community Manager, Colin Lim, the event was an informative session aimed at keeping clients informed of recent developments within the companies, as well as relevant industry trends.

Sharing recent achievements
Firstly, attendees were given an insight into how this year’s JobsCentral Career & Learning Fair was extremely well-received in August. Shao-Ning announced that more than 70% of exhibitors and jobseekers expressed their satisfaction with how the annual event turned out, a clear indication of its growing popularity and effectiveness. Attendees were also given first-hand information about next year’s fair.