Ways to set up your own online portfolio

By Nur Shakylla Nadhra

In this digital age, more and more people are creating online personas and using the internet as a platform to showcase their work to attract potential clients or employers.
Normally, money and extensive knowledge in HTML and web design are essential tools needed to create a website or online portfolio from scratch. But with a plethora of online portfolio websites, and even popular social media platforms, doing up your own online portfolio has become fairly simple.

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Brand Yourself Better

With over 5 million people in our tiny red dot jostling for space, education and jobs, it can be quite difficult to stand out from the maddening sea of chaos.

I know I feel the same way. The endless waves of commuters while taking public transport and the constant queues for anything remotely popular sometimes leaves me wishing that I could move to a remote island somewhere far away, except that my island would come with an Internet connection and a supply of Magnum Gold ice cream.

The same frustrations set in when I apply for jobs, spamming resumes to as many organisations as possible with nary a response, except calls from financial planners purportedly offering me a career that will change my life.

4 Tips For An Attention-Getting Resume

By Beth Hering

Employers nowadays are generally so overwhelmed with applications for a position that they can't devote much time to each potential candidate. How can your résumé spark their interest enough to garner more than just a passing glance? Here, experts offer suggestions on gaining precious seconds of "look" time.

Make it visually attractive

The adage that you should not judge a book by its cover may be worthy advice, but throw the saying out the window when submitting an application. The last thing you want your résumé to do is look sloppy or disorganized among a stack of stellar submissions.

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Upgrade Yourself With JobsCentral-TSOPE Workshops

Here at Jobscentral, we do not do things by halves. That probably explains how we have managed to steadily grow from strength to strength over the years to become one of Singapore’s leading career portal.

One of our offerings is the JobsCentral Career and Learning Fair. Held annually, the event attracts a huge amount of jobseekers and a whole spectrum of exhibitors from a wide variety of industries.

To complement this event, JobsCentral also conducts a series of workshops in partnership with The School of Personal Excellence (TSOPE) to provide jobseekers with an all-encompassing experience during their job search.

The two workshops held, How to Write Winning Resumes and Achieve Employment Success, and How to Ace Your Interviews and Get Your Dream Job, were a smashing success.

A record number of 65 participants spread out over the two workshops took this chance to brush up on their job searching skills and create a greater impact on the market.

Here’s what some participants had to say.

“Very good and informative. I liked the workshop very much. I have learned the 5 'R's on how to write our best resume, the 3 pillars of resume writing and how to present and sell our value to the potential employer." - Doreen Tan, 50, Senior Purchasing Officer

"Very interactive. I learned where my weak points are in terms of answering questions and also my physical posture. I will recommend this workshop to others!" - Joey, 28, Project Engineer

Hiring a Resume Writer? Ask These Questions First

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by Alina Dizik
August 24, 2010

Weeks after Rosalyn Ray was laid off from her job as a medical health clerk last year, she decided to hire someone to revamp her résumé.

"I wasn't getting any hits," she says. Ms. Ray eventually hired a résumé writer she found online. Ms. Ray was initially wowed by the writer's website, which boasted dozens of résumé samples along with testimonials.

More than $100 and a week later, her résumé came back full of typos and misspellings. "I didn't do too much due diligence," admits Ms. Ray, 49, from Oakland, Calif.

With low barriers to entry, résumé-writing services have mushroomed as job seekers who've been out of work for a prolonged period compete for the attention of hiring managers. Out of more than 400 members of the National Résumé Writers Association, or NRWA, (one of two main trade associations for résumé writers), only 34 have attained the National Certified Résumé Writer Credential. That makes quality tough to discern. Résumé-writing services cost between $100 and $2,000 dollars, says Charlotte Weeks, president of NRWA, making it critical to know what you're getting before you pay up.

Five questions to ask a résumé writer before making the investment.

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Typos: The Ultimate Deal-Breaker

You’re emailing a hiring manager, beseeching him to consider you for that dream job, and your fingers are flying off the keys in desperation. Then you close your eyes, mutter a prayer, and click ‘send’ – only to realize, slightly too late, that your cover letter just told him all about how you were instrumental in ‘ruining’ an entire project at your last job.

How familiar are you with this scene?

If you’re prone to typos and your ‘Sent Items’ folder is a disastrous ground plagued with even the littlest errors, it’s time to get some help. According to a recent survey by Robert Half International, 76% of hiring managers would not consider applicants with even one or two typos in their resume or cover letter. 40% said just that one overlooked error would be enough for the application to be tossed aside.

While it is true that accidentally spelling ‘what’ as ‘hawt’ is not a true personification of your capabilities and work ethic, a resume is the earliest impression prospective employers will have of you. And, as it’s been said many times, first impressions count plenty.

“In today’s job market, it pays to be ultra-vigilant in preparing resumes, cover letters and other job application materials,” Mr Tim Hird, Managing Director of Robert Half Singapore commented. “Even the smallest typo will make candidates look bad, and at a time when competition for jobs is still intense, there is certainly no room for slip-ups. A well-written resume is the key to opening doors to interviews and job opportunities, so it is definitely worthwhile to put in that extra effort.”

So what can you do to make sure your documents are error-free? Robert Half has some tips to avoid careless, sometimes downright embarrassing, typographical mistakes.

The 2009 Recession: Can't remember how to write a résumé?

If you are a retrenched professional who has forgotten what to include in a résumé, fret not. Here are some tips on what a résumé is for, and how you can get started on putting one together.

By Tan Yan Shuo

On your first Monday morning not at work, you surf JobsCentral for suitable job openings. This one catches your eye: “Management Executive wanted at Utopia Pte Ltd, lucrative pay and benefits, flexible working hours, fast-tracked development plan.” Excited, you send in your résumé to Utopia’s boss Mr. Lee Tow Kay, and wait for that phone call… which never comes. What happened?

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Top 5 CV Blunders

The one thing common to most job applications is the curriculum vitae. This two- to three-page document is expected to contain the applicant's employment history, special achievements and relevant personal details. Unfortunately, many applicants still fail to write their CVs properly and end up failing to snag the job interview. What are the top five blunders that job applicants make when designing their CVs?

By Linus Tham

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