When Companies Force You to Resign

By Deanna Bonaparte

The nature of a resignation implies that you are leaving a company entirely out of your own accord. But what happens if your company resorts to artful, unscrupulous means to bulldoze you out of the picture? Do you brave the winds and remain firm or crumble under the pressure and resign? Although it might sit better with prospective employers when they learn that you resigned instead of being dismissed, a thorny situation like this requires you to stay calm and think through the ups and downs of both outcomes. (Read More Here!)

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Resigning quietly: Is that good corporate etiquette?

By Juliet Soh

You probably already know that it’s good etiquette to tell your supervisor that you are resigning before anyone else knows about it. This is because you don’t want your manager to get the news through the grapevine. Your manager and HR personnel should always be the first ones to know.

What most of us may not realise, however, is that the next people you should inform are your colleagues, vendors and clients you work with. It may be a hassle answering questions like “Why did you quit?” and “What are your plans after this?” multiple times a day, but it is your responsibility to keep them in the know.

Here are five pieces of information you should be sharing with them, whether you like it or not:

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